I am

Michelle Beaulieu Amari,

Transformational Coach and Bodyworker.


Welcome! I am SO glad you are here !

Are you hearing a call from deep inside?
You know that deep inner knowing that keeps you up at night wondering what to do?

Sometimes it is that anxious, unsettled, confused, restless feeling. Sometimes it’s that certain level of distrust in yourself or others. Sometimes it’s that loud inner critic that commands that you try harder with lots of “shoulds” and “have-tos”.

What would it be like to put your mind at ease, quiet the inner critic (those familiar voices of shame and doubt) and awaken a new inner dialogue of compassion and purpose?

Working with me is about knowing how strong, resilient and powerful you are. You have worked so hard and carried so much.

I help women to know and trust their inner wisdom so that they can show up in their lives with confidence, connection and peace.

I help women move beyond the limiting tendencies of self soothing and survival, to reconnect with their bodies, heal their minds and learn the intelligence of their emotions so that they can develop a consistent and reliable way of living that accentuates their brilliance and unique presence in this world.

And your journey can begin now...


My services are most effective for women who are one or more of the following:  

  • Want to unlock a deeper meaning and purpose in their lives
  • Want to ride the waves of emotion with intelligence and grace
  • Want to be more attuned to their own inner wisdom and intuition
  • Want to love themselves and the body they are in

Answering The Call

This life program is designed to support you as you journey inward. Together, we expand the walls of your comfort zone to try on new ways of thinking and being. We create personal and custom curated practices that fit into your life NOW so that you can make shifts internally guided by wisdom and a connection to the highest good.

This is not a boot camp or a quick fix. This is a compassionate journey inward to reconnect to the essence of who you really are to start living from the place that is shining from within.

This program is designed to bring you to a deeper understanding of yourself that you have been longing for. Together, we will go on a reflective and reformative journey that will completely revolutionize how you relate to yourself and how you show up in your world. 

Your Journey Home

One of my coaches defines healing as "the application of love to the places inside that hurt". As a mother, you apply love to your children All. The. Time. It is now time to turn that love inward toward yourself. It is time to learn the language that your body is speaking to you. When we learn how to love ourselves, to truly and fully know that we are worthy, whole and resilient just by being here on this planet, we unlock the innate wisdom within. It's as if we have been given the keys to the kingdom. We find ourselves lighter, able to make decisions with ease, trusting our intuition, a sense of freedom and focus emerges with time and energy to do the things you love with a buoyant and wise spirit that is able to ride the waves of emotion and navigate life with ease and grace.